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Trying to get a Burbidgeae

Hey guys. I've been looking for a N. Burbidgeae lately and unfortunately there are only a couple vendors selling some and I had a few questions. One is going for 35$ and the other for 65$. The 65$ one is fairly large, and I'm not too sure about the other one. I almost want to pick up both, but I'm not sure how much variation there is among the species. So I guess my questions are these:
1. How much variation is there across the species?
2. I've noticed many of the smaller (juvenile) pitchers tend to be reddish rather than cream-colored. I know they typically have red spots on the cream-colored background (when older), but is this typical of all of them? Will the newer, larger pitchers be predominantly cream-colored with smaller red spots?
3. Do all Burbidgeae have a striped peristome?
4. Does anyone have a vendor they recommend for one? (Please PM the answer to this one)
5. I hear they are fairly slow, but easy to grow. Is this true? Any special suggestions for it? I'm getting itchy to buy one... or two... I can't decide yet.

I have already checked out nepenthesaroundthehouse and a couple references, but I always like to get feedback from as many people as possible. Thanks in advance.
1) not too much
2) yeah kinda. Predominantely cream
3) I think so
4) dunno
5) definitely slow, some people have problems. Give it typical highland conditions and it will grow well...but slow
Awesome, thank you =D. I think i'll have to give 'em a try.