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Truncata question


sarracenia lover
truncata highland and truncata paisan...are they the same plant? Thanks!
Paisan is just one of a couple different highland truncata's and the paisan part is just a location on Mindanao island where it was found. Hope this answered your question!
Thanks Kinjie! It kind of did. Would it be worth purchasing both, one sold as highland and another sold as pasian? Would I be able to tell a difference in them?
Paisan tends to be mostly all red cause if I'm not mistaken it is a single clone and may or may not still be in the wild but don't quote me on this:). Depending on what other highland color forms you can find they would look different enough in color.
Thank you very much!
Goodluck! Truncata's are such great plants and you can't ever have to many of them unless you are growing them in a small space:).
If you scroll through this page and compare the plants that have "Pasian" next to them in red to the others that don't, you may or may not see a different in pitcher form: http://www.cpphotofinder.com/nepenthes-truncata-504.html

You'll see a bit of variation with Pasian truncatas since the original batch (or batches?) were seed-grown. I think it's less common to find the red form, but I could be wrong about this.
Thank you very much for the link mato. Think i'll just buy both and cross my fingers that they look different.