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Transplanting D. Adelae

I just purchased a D. Adelae. It arrived in a very small pot. I know the root systems for these plants are quite extensive. Are the roots pretty sensitive for these guys, or is it okay to transplant so soon after shipment?
It won't really care if you repot it. The hard part about growing D. adelae is killing it.
He said with a sneer! :)
I'm serious, I can't get rid of the thing! I have a 3 gallon terrarium full of it from a single plant.
Check your messages :)
This is my 'Tray of Adelea"! Transplanting is no trouble. Grows like a weed for me!

Tommyr, what humidity levels do you keep your collection at?
It's usually between 40% or higher.
Cool. I just got one and will be getting more soon. The mother plant doesn't have a ton of dew on it, but the sprouts around it are pretty dew covered. I heard these guys like humidity levels a bit higher than other Sundews on average.

During the day, the humidity in the terrarium falls to about 35-40%; in the evening it raises to about 70-80% (I actually hooked the terrarium up to a home-made humidity/temperature sensor and plotted it for a few days). The temperature in the terrarium is around 60 in the evening to about 70-75 during the day. I'm assuming these numbers are good for this plant?

For what it's worth, I have about 8 different species in the terrarium ranging from Capensis to Intermedia 'Cuba' to Binata and they're all thriving.

This is a trimmed plot (just showing one day - starting in the evening and ending around 6 PM the following day).

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Just an FYI, mine are not in a terrarium. They live mostly in west facing windows and I have some under a "Jump start" fluorescent light.
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Yeah, I'm going to do that soon as well. So it's good to know this is an okay thing (just sticking them in the window). I doubt I'll be able to maintain the same levels I show above in the graph at a window - but from what I'm gathering these are tough plants, so I'm hoping as they start to go crazy I'll be good.
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I recently got a adelae myself. Its doing pretty well and handled the repotting very well. It started dewing the day after i repotted it.