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Topdressing Sarrs

What types of top dressings can be used to help lessen the amount of water that is lost through evaporation w/ potted Sarrs? I've seen live moss, and pine needles (though I wonder if this is more for winter insulation?). Any reason you wouldn't want to lessen the amount of evaporation? ???

Feedback appreciated...thanks.
i use dead or live sphagnum moss, you can also mulch with pine bark/needles to help keep the moisture in(just make sure its not treated with anything).

I have a mini-bog on my patio, and I topped it off with orchid bark. It prevents the rain from splashing soil everywhere.
I use aquarium stone. It helps retain moisture, and stops the growth of mold. Here's a picture of one of my vft's after I recently divided it, and one of my cephs:

A coarse, light colored aggregate will reflect light, and if you use a layer thick enough that the granules on top aren't in contact with the moist media, they'll heat up instead of wicking the water into the air. I suppose pine needles would work too but I imagine that they would compact after a while. I think maybe I have a bias towards inorganic media though... I like potting mix I can seive out of peaty sludge and reuse.
Tangentally, dark colored rocks warm the media, which is apparently helpful for VFTs.
Another possibility that I have used with palm seed is to have a layer of coarse sand (washed and sterilized). As mentioned above, it prevents annoying fungal/algal growth that is often associated with moist and humid conditions.
LFS is the best!