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Too much light?

is it possible to give my plants to much uvb? i keep a 75 watt grow light on them about 3 feet away 8 hrs a day. i'm planning on moving them into a terrarium with frogs and i'm afraid they won't get enough light for the light that the frogs need. the lights will be on a timer not to add alot of the plants wont be directly in ther uvb "spotlight" so to speak. i'm also putting in some pitcher plants too. the lights in the terrarium will be under flourescent 5.0 uvb lamps, any suggestions are greatly appreciated
3 feet? that's a little too far away....
actually way, way too far away
The distance is too great. Spotlight incandescents are not good for CP, flourescents are much better. The plants need to be within 6 inches of the bulbs. Sarracenia do not flourish under such flourescent light however, and this might be a problem. Also be aware that now is the normal time for dormancy in Sarracenia species. If the plants are from TC and small enough, you might get by with skipping dormancy for a season if you can keep the photoperiod 14 hrs. light or above. You might get a better response regarding the Sarracenia from the Pitcher Plant Forum.
what you just said scared me! I don't have any of my plant into dormancy! when should I do it?
I am useing 152 watts of flourescent lights in my 20 gal fish tank I keep the light 10-11 inches away from the plant and im getting great growth .

I allso pump CO2 into my tank so that helps allot
I don't know the origin of your Sarracenia plants, and I am not an expert in their culture. Some say dormancy may be skipped a season, but I always play it safe and give my plants reduced photoperiod and cold conditions October to April.