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Tiny basal!

Hey all! I recently got a Gantungensis from florae. I noticed it has a basal that has formed. I don’t really know what to do with it. I’m afraid to cut it because at this size, I don’t know if it could survive. At the same time I feel it’s really draining from the main plant since both are really small and relatively the same size. It’s about 1.25 in. Across. 83FD965F-817D-4D7E-93C9-91A5B075147E.jpeg
At the current size there's really nothing that you need to do at all. If both grow, great. If one establishes as dominant, let it. Worst case scenario you end up with one main stem, best case you have two.
Hey so just got this Rob from CalCarn. TONS of growth points as you can see;B6112305-2E02-4D4E-A1F1-3AE651434CE7.jpeg
It divided into these four
The last one is four tiny basal’s
I’m guessing the same advice applies right? 😕
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Usually this is due to leftover hormones from micropropagation causing additional growth points to activate. I'd recommend against dividing or cutting them, at least at first. Let them get some size first.