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things for trade


i have a nepenthes spect. giant x ventricosa basal cutting that is rooted. leaf span is 10 " main plant looks like this

DSCF2502 by rball0406, on Flickr
capensis alba, multiple adult flowering plants

Devision of Heli. Minor......havent devided yet will when trade is final

sar. purp. purp. seedlings that were planted this spring and are about size of dime lots available will come in live sphagnum
PM sent
that nep is beatiful,but I don't have anything you would want to trade for it
PM'ed Ryan..
the vine on the main growth of the plant that is 4 foot tall is just starting a flower i can not wait to see what it is, i have two basals still on the plant and the one for trade is one i cut a few months back

THank you everyone