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TheLastAdept's Growlist

A small but growing list!

Dionaea Muscipula "B52"
D.M. Sawtooth Dente
D.M. Red Sawtooth/Dente
D.M. Red Dragon

Nepenthes St. Gaya
Nepenthes "Briggsiana" (Ventricosa R X Lowii clone)
Nepenthes Ventrata
Nepenthes Truncata - Seed Grown
Nepenthes Vieillardii - BE 3224
Nepenthes Vogelii - BE 3256
Nepenthes Bellii - BCP N324

Sarracenia Purpurea "Venosa"

Drosera Burmannii

Heliamphora Pulchella (Churi Tepui) - BCP H25-07
Heliamphora Uncinata (Amuri Tepui) - BCP H035