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The Complete 2006 ICPS Conference Photo Tour

Mar 3, 2006
Spring Feild Ohio
Im DEFINETALY gonna try to make it my Senior year!
Dec 10, 2002
Michigan Zone 5 (near Flint)
I picked the names for the responses to WildBill's post and added a few of my own.

Lets try and get an ID on everyone.

3. Ed (sorry, can't remember last name); probably came with Phil S.
6. Phil Sheridan, of Meadowview
7. Teresa Golembiewski
8. Walter Greenwood
9. David Ahrens, UK
10. Regina
11. Mike, of NECPS and BJ
12. Richard Revis, " "
13. Rich Sivertsten
15. Mark Lysne
16. Scott Bennett, Illustrator
17. Jeremiah Harris, CCPS
20. Al Guertin (sp?), probably came with Phil S.
21. Steve Swartz
22. Michael Szesze
24. Andreas Flieschman (sp)
28. WildBill, NECPS
30. Andreas Wistuba
31. John Phillip, Jr., NECPS
36. Jan Schlauer
38. Dave Sackett, NECPS
39. Cindy Slezak, ICPS VP
41. Dr. Matt Opel, NECPS, UCONN
43. Carl Taylor
44. Kirk Martin, NECPS
45. Mike Howlett
47. Steve LaWarre, Meijer Botanical Gardens
48. Glenn Petersen
49. Tom Hayes, of DP
53. Dave Evans, of DP
54. John Wallace, NECPS
Aug 23, 2002
Oh No! Looks like I lucked out. Been trying for days to download those photos on my slow dial-up connection. Today decided to go all the way in to Colombo to find a broadband wi-fi connection and hey presto! Banwidth exceeded.

Will they become available again after a time do you think? So sad to have missed this Conference. Some real iconic names from the pre-internet era there. Hey Walt! Now I know what you look like!