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Thanks to Lowlow for this N.Sibuyanensis

Glorious Arstotzka:

Made my day, prob the best thing to look forward to besides school starting.

Thank you LOWLOW for this awesome plant. I will make sure to kill it :). You will be forever in my heart.

Chopsticks are very good for small plant repotting.

So I've decided to keep it in doors, this window faces south. Should I give it supplemental lighting if so which bulb and how long should I keep it on shine bright like a diamond?





South facing window alone should give plenty of light, might be a little much though for a plant that just went through shipping. I would slowly allow it to adjust to more light over time.
Lookin good ps3, heres my sibuyanesis atm:
No pitchers right now but tons of promising tendrils.

damn how long have you had that plant?