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Terrarium Set-up Cost

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It lets you let the lights turn on and off automatically (or anything really), at adjustable times. You don't have to turn the lights on and off every day, and it makes for more consistent light exposure, too.
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Vistary, why do u say it's expensive to maintain? The electricity bills or some other hidden cost?
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My mistake in my earlier post, it should b 35 W PL not 15W

ebeyonder: y i found it costly was because i used it to grow VFT; n since its VFT, it requires high intensity light. I used a 35W PL for my 2ft tank initially n most of them didnt survive; i later added another 35W, they were able to put out a few leaves, but were small n the plants seemed stunted; the worst thing was that the red akai ryu i got turned completely green!!
so overall its not rewarding after having spent so muc money on the setup and its maintainence(70 W of power for 12hrs) and not getting the desired results.
Sunlight is still better since it has a diverse wavelengths, of which PL doesnt. moreover, its free =)

But i think PL lights r more suited to sundews, which i used to grow too.
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I see... I'm using the terrarium for sundew seedlings mainly. I can't put them out in the sun cos the rain will wash the seedlings away, and I haven't got a sunny windowsill.

A tank's also good cos stray cats keep coming into my house and I'm afraid that they'd dig up the seedlings one day

Can anyone recommend a suitable wattage for sundews? I'm going to get the ballast and stuff from the shop guqin recommended after my exams.
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I agree with vistary. I have a VFT in my terrarium with 72W worth of light (6500K). My D. intermedia turned red alright, but the VFT remains tiny and green after one month.
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hey guqin how do you make two teirs in your tank?
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i might also want to spit up my tank into two levels to save space and ill put the plants that dont need much light at the bottom like neps and VFTs and sundews and sarrs on top
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Oh, I buy a small plant stand from Daizo at IMM. Everything going for two dollars at Daizo.
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hey thx for the information!
today i went to daiso and bought some cheap plant pots. I couldnt find any plant stands at the gardening section. i found some small metal stands at the household section. It is quite short, 18cm depth.
guqin: In which section did you get your stands? thx
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On the right-hand side of the shop from the main entrance. It is opposite the section selling plant pots, but they are plastic and all on the floor.