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terrarium pic


Now hopefully if I've done this right you'll be able to click on the above link and my terrarium will appear :)
Apologies if it doesn't....the pic is sideways though, still got to figure how to rotate my photos:blush:
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Wow, that looks really awesome. I rotated the pic for you:


I'd love to see some more close up photos!
Bless you Drwurm and thanks for the comments, I'll attempt to put some more up shortly, even though they might be a bit wonky:-))

Best wishes Matwag
I would be interested in seeing a list of all the plants in there!

It looks great!

Is it a false bottom?
Thanks for the comments.
Hi Kataok, yes it's a false bottom with a low wattage heating cable incorporated into the substrate. As for the plants growing in there, these are;
Nepenthes 'Bloody Mary'
N ventricosa White form
N ventrata
N aristolochiodies x ventricosa
N glabrata
N sanguinea

Hemionitis arifolia
Blechnum brasiliense
Asplenium antiguum
Hemianthus 'Cuba'
Syngonium 'White Butterfly'
Alocasia 'Amazonica'
Peperomia puteolata
Peperomia 'Pepper Pot'
Ficus pumila
Sinningia cooperi
Oncidium sp
Vriesea 'Astrid'
.....I'll attempt to post some more pics...:-O
:scratch::scratch:I hope these pics come out right

First pic Nepenthes aristolochiodies x ventricosa


Nepenthes 'Bloody Mary'


Nepenthes sanguinea


Nepenthes ventrata


Nepenthes glabrata


View inside


Yellow mushroom


More mushrooms brown ones


Equipment and messy stuff hidden from view

Hope you like the pics...who knows next time they may even be the right way up :-))
That looks really nice!

What do you have for temperatures in your tank?