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Terrarium Misting System

So, I'm planning to purchase the Exo Terra Monsoon RS400 Rainfall System for my terrarium so it can mist my plants when I'm in class and lab all day and I was wondering if anyone has use this device before for their highland terrarium ? I'm also planning to remove the filter on it because I'm going to be distill water in it anyways, so what is there to really filter out ? If you guys do not used it, then what do you guys used to keep mist your terrariums or greenhouse ?
I use this system. While it does work well, it really isn't the best system to use. The spray put out is somewhat heavy, and the system's automation mechanism is somewhat unreliable. If you can find one, a fogging system would work better in this situation.
By heavy do you mean concentrated (not misty enough) or it uses a lot of water ? Well, I search through amazon and this was the best thing that I can buy considering the current situation. By the way, do you used it with or without the filter in it ?
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The spray put out is just that, spray, like from a spray bottle. It's not as ideal as the much lighter fog is.

As to the filter, I didn't even know that it HAD a filter so i'm assuming that it's still there. However, my water is very pure (I can use tap water for my plants) so it really wouldn't matter for me.
Hm, interesting. Have you tried adjusting the nozzle ? I thought you can adjust it to a fine mist...
I feel envious that you can used tap water for your plants. If I used tap water for any of my heli or nepenthes, they would die in the most horrendous way.
Best misting system I have ever used was mist king. More reliable.
Sarah : The terrarium is 18L X 18W X 18H. I have a fan in it that keeps that air circulating.

Jcal : I wanted a mist king but it's way over budget.
I use a standard cool mist humidifier that I bought at Walmart for about $35 in my 36" x 36" x 27" open top paludarium. I found that by removing the diffuser I could insert a piece of regular 1" schedule 40 pipe and it's snug enough to be secure. I have it resting on a light fixture on the enclosure. A bend of cheapo plastic sink trap plumbing attached to a short section of pipe diverts the fog down into the enclosure. Along with a submerged ultrasonic fogger in the enclosure I can put the entire enclosure in a moderate fog within a minute. I haven't gotten around to automating it yet, so I just run it manually when I think about it. I'm not however maintaining anything near highland conditions.