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terrarium filler needed


i have two 24 inch wide exo terra terrariums and im looking for something as a filler for the negative spots, i have live sphagnum but need something else. I have nothing in mind but dont want something that will grow tall and tke over the tank jsut something as a filler. If anyone has anything in mmind let me know and i can find something for trade or compensation.
How about some cuttings of some Fittonia or a begonia? I have cuttings of a bunch of different Begonias and Fittonia vershaffeltii. I can email you pics of the begonias if you're interested. I also can take cuttings of a bunch of different types of Pepperomia. I've also got Pilea cadierei 'Minima' and Ruellia makoyana. I can also get you spores of Asplenium nidus, a couple different types of rabbit's foot fern, and staghorn fern.
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What about Hemionitis arifolia? It's a dwarf fern from tropical SE Asia that grows terrestrially or as an epiphyte, likes high humidity and low light so it's well suited for a terrarium if it get's shaded by other plants leaves. I can share a few pieces of mine.
Depends somewhat on what you personally consider "big" and where in the tank you plan on having them (planted in the bottom or mounted for instance). How much light you will provide will be a factor as well as whether you mind doing some serious pruning.

Taargus, doesn't the H. arifolia have a spread of about a foot? Depending what all Rball wants to put in there, could be too large for what he is looking for.

There are some fairly small broms though most do need some decent lighting. If you have the tank brightly lit, there are some mini AVs that can be used to add color. Then there are Cryptanthus which can be used to color things up but, again, they need bright light. If you want something in the more "mini" range, there is Epipremnum 'Pincushion' -- a relative of pothos but it has a clumping habit instead of vining. For me it generally maxes out at about 3" tall. Downside is that it is a slow grower so it tends to be a bit more on the expensive side. Then there is a type of Selaginella (think it might be S. apoda ... been years since I last had it) that has a clumping habit. You could also try Ludsia discolor. If you planted it pot and all, you might be able to utilize Ficus pumila ... though that definitely needs some fairly bright light to do well.

Taargus, doesn't the H. arifolia have a spread of about a foot? Depending what all Rball wants to put in there, could be too large for what he is looking for.

The sterile heart shaped fronds are only 2-4", it's the fertile ones that can get that large, but anything will need some pruning. True, It may get too big eventually if you don't keep it in check at all, but I figured no harm in offering it. I like mine enough to occasionally have to cut it up, which is why I've got extra pieces now, lol.
thanks for the offers i will look into them all shortly as im not familiar with the species offered. Im looking for something low grower that will spread throughout my bottom terrarium has a bed of prolifera capes sphagnum and some small ferns, the upper terrarium however needs some filling in.
I've got this ground cover growing in my pots. It stays below four inches and fills in well over time because it self seeds. I have no idea what it's called.

I don't have any detailed pics. In this photo you can see it surrounding the nep.


Bottom right corner.


Thanks! Always wondered what is is. I have noticed that effect, seedlings pop up everywhere. Maybe sending it to another state wouldn't be the best idea...
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I kinda like that piles microphylla
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I'd get a few miniature orchids and Tillandsia for the upper levels.