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Terminating Nepenthes Vines


Getting There...
In my experience, after a foot or two of vining on my grow rack, nepenthes vines will start dying from the tip.
If it has basals, the basals are normally unaffected, but if it doesn't, I've lost a plant or two this way already.
Is this normal? Should I just chop up the vine when it starts to die and try for cuttings?
Thanks for the help,
no it's not normal. What is your growing environment like? any photos?
Here is the current example:
N. kampotiana, 2 very healthy basals, and the vine which did awesome for a solid year and is dying back now.
<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/hugh-jass/10254002445/" title="Untitled by kwalton, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2855/10254002445_00c73250c2.jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="Untitled"></a>
i havent had main vines completely terminate/die off but the growth has slowed exponentially once basals pop up. the basals seem to get most of the plant's resources while the main vine grows at a snails pace
I wouldn't worry about if the plant is vining or not. After looking at your flickr photos I would first question the media you are using. Also what type of water and your watering schedule, if you fertilize, temperature levels, and if you have any drafts from AC units, fans, etc. blowing on the plants.
2:1:1:1 LFS:Charcoal:perlite:eek:rchid back mixture. I use the tray method, add in a 1/2 in to an inch and let it evaporate before watering again. No fertilizing, distilled water only, mid 70s temp and no drafts. Like I said, most plants are doign quite well for me, I've just had a number of vines die off once basals come out.
My opinion, the biggest problem is the tray watering method, it's probably rotting your LFS, and on some of your other photos it looks like mold growing on the bark chips. Also some of that bark is way too big for small plants root structure. I would ditch the Charcoal and Orchid bark too.
If the main vine starts dying and you have a basal growing as well, then I say chop the vine and make cuttings. The basal will usually take off more robustly after that. If the vine is the only part of the plant still alive... just baby it and see if it might make a basal after some time of closer attention. If, after a few weeks or days, it appears that maybe the bottom of the vine is rotten and disconnected from the root stock, your only choice is to the chop the vine and hope the cuttings take.
Sorry to newb this thread up a bit but my understanding from this thread and others is that if a Nepenthes has basals and you cut off the vine for whatever reason, the basals will continue to grow as normal... maybe even faster? Have I got that right?

Asking because my khasiana has... three, maybe four basals along with a vine I could live without. Trying to air layer it right now but if that fails I'm thinking of just chopping it off. If this means it'll kill the plant I won't do it though.
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As long as the basals of the plant are well established you can absolutely chop the vine and have some more robust basals within a few weeks.