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Tallest pitcher contest

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Mine oreophylla has 25 1/16'' pitcher. Now all its growing is mass phyllodia.
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That moorei x leucophylla cross is wonderful. I have seedlings of that cross and (moorei x leucophylla) x leucophylla too, so hopefully I can raise something just as good.
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Okay, this is just to add in.

18" Tarnok.

I'm working on, okay. I have pitcher envy
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Well as of now these are the results (correct me if i made a mistake):

1st- GardenofEden with a S. flava ( 47" )
2nd- Mike King with a S.x Moorei ( 39'' )
3rd- Sarraceniaobsessed with a S. 'Leah Wilkerson'

Congratulations everyone!! And feel free to keep posting here!!

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D#@* homey! You guys got some huge pitcher plants. Nepenthes still have the greater pitcher volume though, I think
. My tallest is a lankey flava, standing at about 10" I think. Yeah, I suck
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Whoops! Missed this one. 1 S. x moorei at 39 inches
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My largest is a seedling leuco at 8 inches (thank you herenorthere&#33
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Wow gardenofeden, those pitchers are huge, awesome

My largest Sarr is a judith hindle standing at 14 inches.
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i dont want to start an argument, but sarraceniaupsessed doesn't have true proof of this monster sarracenia. to truely prove it, she should have a pic of her standing next to the pitcher, holding the measurer. (now i know that sarrupsessed wouldn't lie, but who knows if that pitche was only 20 inches, only the tape measurer was pulled out to 47 inches?
that goes for me too. i have no proof of my large pitchers this year, you just have to believe me till i get some pictures next year
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At the risk of being accused of telling a 'fish tale,' here is the proof and I disremembered the correct height. It is 33" not 34." So, beat me with a wet noodle and no there is not a reference point. (me standing next to it, the bottom of the tape, etc) Beside this photo was taken back in May before the pitchers even fully opened and why would I lie? And, how did I know there was going to be a contest unless I am physic. 34" 'Tarnok' to follow with reference points and all.

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Pretty plants you guys. Iv'e got a S. 'tarnok' at 22 inches. It opened last week. If Iv'e lied then my name is Billy Bootface... and it's not. LOL

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I don't know if you consider this proof or not. This does not qualify for the contest because it is not a cultivaed plant.

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Why are those sarrs growing next to a tulip tree?
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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (pond boy @ Sep. 16 2003,06:35)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Why are those sarrs growing next to a tulip tree?[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
i guess cause the tulip tree decided to grow in or next to the bog!
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Spec did you get my zip code yet? If not its 65483.
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Hey Sarraceniaobsessed, where did you find that 48 incher? Is that a S. 'Leah Wilkerson'?

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Oh my! There have been some spectacular plants and photos. Great job guys! I have only an 18-20 inch S. flava. But I looooove my flavas.

OK...question...where is it possible to find an s. 'Leah Wilkerson'? That is one gorgeous plant! *drool* Ok...let me guess...next to impossible, right?

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I just measured my tallest S. leuco. pitcher. It is about 34.5 in. tall (pretty good for someone who grows primarily just neps). I definately need to repot it as soon as it goes into dormancy because it is only in a 3 or 4 in. pot and it is running into the side.

-hamata (Jonathan Armstrong)
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How come I am the only one besides Gardenofeden that has posted any proof of pitcher size? ( a ploy to get to see more sarr. pics! He drools)

Yes, that is a Tulip poplar tree growing in the Wilkerson bog (Walton Co FL) next to 'Leah Wilkerson.' That is why bogs should be burned off to kill interlopers like this. I personally plan to dig this tree out next time I am in the Wilkerson bog.

'Leah Wilkerson' is a naturally occuring moorei hybrid with outstanding vigor and stunning color as you can see. I don't wish to jinks it but, 'Leah' went into tissue culture last week. Cross your fingers and hope for the best. If everything goes well, she will be available for sale in a year or two.
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Well webshots wont let me post pics on this site, so you can jet to my site and see a older pic of my oreophylla,
S. Oreophylla
Ya I know its not standing to a tape measure, or the whole plant....