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Take a look at my Purpurea (Healthy?)

Is my Purpurea healthy? It is not growing very fast, can anyone help?
yep, looks really healthy, nice red colour

soon itll grow alot more pitchers and the crown will get bigger
Thanks!, I'm just concerned its not growing very fast. I'm really into Venus Fly traps, But I am starting now with These cool pitcher plants. I just want it to have more Pitchers. When does it start to flower?
It probably will flower next year as if pitchers come up first then it isn't going to make a flower the year. Wait till next year and it looks old enough that it should!
Hi Venusashtrap,
I think you will soon discover the lure of growing Sarracenias

Your plant looks fine, and to me looks like a young plant. The newest pitcher is the largest and that tells me its got to grow a little larger before it reaches flowering size. You may want to think about increasing the light levels to bring out the the reds in the pitcher, otherwise its fine!
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There's not much light in the UK, but I'm getting a 60watt Flourescent soon, hopefully that will help. Since I got the plant I have noticed a change in the red it has got, Especially the biggest Pitcher.
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Hi Venus ash trap,
You live in the UK?

You won't need extra lighting, you can get a cold frame from somewhere like B&Q Do-it-all etc and your Purps,VFTS will do well in full light in your garden. Even better is they will get the required dormancy outside. Please look at my website at the link below. All my Sarras go through the winter unheated. You can get a cold frame for around £30 and costs nothing to run!
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What does a cold frame do? And anyway, there is absoulutly no Weather down here in hants, so barely any sun to put them outside!
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There is barely enough sun here at the moment, so I can't really put them outside, they will freeze! Lucky I have a conservatory!
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A cold frame is like a very small greenhouse but its onlya few feet high and has a lift up lid. You can get one from most home & garden centres like B&Q or homebase and it will cost you under £30.

Sarracenia are more hardy than you think! Short term freezing causes these plants no problems at all! I grow my plants in an UNHEATED greenhouse 365 days a year. In the winter the pots freeze solid but come spring the plants start growing again healthily. They just need protection from the rotting effects of wind and rain!
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Well well well! I have underestimated Sarracenia too much! I need to be batted know!
I might as well put up a cold frame for all of my temperate Cp's! Is that a good idea here in NY? I am at the same longitude at the UK at least NY state is. Any ideas on this idea? Thanks!
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I am trying to keep this plant healthy, I think it is doing alright. So next year it may flower? If so is it worth letting it or will it die like the Venus Fly trap?
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Wow, My purps area all green tubes... they are not as bulbous as yours... i envy you!!!
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Thing is, when I got it, it was mainly green, but it went Red the next couple of days. Thing is, I live in the UK, theres hardly any sunlight at the moment, although it keeps getting more red