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My wants and my available-for-trade

Hi there, all. I'm a noobity noob (not to plants, but to the forum) but I figured I'd start right off mentioning what I want for my eensy collection, and more important, what I've GOT. Not much in the way of CP's for trade, but I do have some groovy succulent extras.


Schizobasis intricata seedlings (will flower next spring), about 3/8” or larger. Also, packs of 10 seeds available (if that’s what you’re into. I can’t guarantee germination, but every time I’ve tried to grow them from seed, it’s been close to 100% germination). Sow them soon, and feed and water well, and they usually bloom their first spring. A nice but strange-looking bulb. Great companion for Bowiea.

Haworthia herbacea. Had locality info, but it’s long-lost. Originally from the late, great Burk’s Nursery, so if you can dig up one of their old catalogs, you might be able to match it up to a description. Small unrooted cuts.

Gasteria cv. “Little Warty.” Classic variegated hybrid. Easy to grow, looks impressive when large. Sm unrooted cuts.

Agave victoria-reginae cv “himesasanoyuki” (“snow princess”). Beautifully marked dwarf Japanese cv. Produces lots of leaves and gives the desirable sphere shape of this species even on plants only 3-4” across. Offsets profusely when small, so divide regularly if you want an impressive single specimen. According to Huntington BG, can reach 8” in size. Bare-root offsets about 2” across available.

Kalanchoe rhombopilosum. Prolific, warmth loving Madagascan. Easily propagated from leaves, so you can make a “forest” in a short time. This form tends to have scaly white, well-marked leaves when young, naked leaves with scaly edges when large. Group of several bare-root cuttings. Note, leaves may fall off in shipping – just use them to start new plants like you would a Sedum.

Albuca sp. Oukop, Craddock. Appears to be the same plant as A. sp. Augrabies , but from a different locality, natch. The dreaded “friendship onion.” I named it that because “In the name of all that is sacred, please stop offsetting” isn’t as catchy. Mine went from one bulb to ten in about six months. Papery above-ground oniony-looking thing with long thread-like leaves. Grows almost year-round, but especially in Spring and Fall. Nice, if unimpressive, flowers. Have I mentioned it likes to offset? Clumps of 3 or 4 bulbs.

Sansevieria trifasciata cv “Loop’s Pride” Oh, yes, really. I don’t have the best luck with this plant – I think it needs more warmth in Winter - mine tend to be a little greener than they ought to be. They’ll blacken up for you in Summer. Large single plant, bare-root.

Any terrestrial utric (except U. subulata) with locality data (esp U. bisquamata)
U. calycifida
U. livida
D. collinsiae “Faryland”
D. madagascariense
D. venusta
D. rotundifolia “Chuck D”
D. prolifera
And again, locality data = awesome
For ‘dews, I’ll take plants or leaves (if they reproduce well by leaves). Or roots, if they ship well and work (no experience with root cuttings!). What the heck, even seeds, but warn me if they need any special treatment.

Mods - any objection to me cross-posting in the succulents forum? EDIT: I've gone ahead and done it. Better to ask forgiveness than permission! If it's a problem, take it down with my apologies.
Some nice plants ya got there. Particularly like the Agave & the Haworthia. But, alas! I have no cps for you. Just other succs/cacti.
Oh, a Kalanchoe and Haworthia I don't have! Wish I had something you wanted for it...