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Succulent Needs ID

I bought this over a year ago and it's doing well, however I have no idea what it is? The person who sold it to me said it was in the lithops family, but I'm pretty sure lithops are the living stone plants and they don't look anything like this one.


Any help would be appreciated :)
Not a Lithops or even remotely in the same family.

My guess is a Huernia, in family Asclepiadaceae. The middle looks weird though, like the nutrition has stunted it. If the sap is milky it could be a Monadenium, in Euphorbiaceae.
Looks like Euphorbia flanaganii (sometimes referred to as Euphorbia "Medusa").
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Good call, Paul. I think you got it! I haven't seen one of those before. In the case of E. flanaganii the sap will again be milky if the plant is damaged. Even a small pinprick should bleed white sap.
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Looks like Euphorbia flanaganii (sometimes referred to as Euphorbia "Medusa").

This was going to be my guess as well. Looks like a Euphorbia.