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Stupid seed question!

Hello, I am fairly new to growing plants from seed, and am trying to do a lot more of it. Please tell me, can you still buy seed from Allen Lowrie? All the ref.'s I see to doing so are from pre-2000. I have scoured the forums for references but... Please clue me in! Can someone post the contact info for him--
I was part of a group order from him in the last couple years and not a single one of the Sarracenia seeds I ordered germinated.  Someone here has said Lowrie stocks a lot of old seed and that people should focus on the new additions to his seed list, since those are probably reasonably fresh. I wish I had done that.
I'd use caution when it comes to Allen Lowrie's seed. (see above post). You can join the ICPS and then participate in the ICPS Seed Bank. Lots of people get good seed there.

And there are always generous people willing to share seed.