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Striped delights

An opening pitcher from this N. veitchii seedling, 25 months out from seed.


Upon arrival, i first thought this next plant was a basal from my N. veitchii HL x eymae, but upon further inspection, i found it had its own root system and wasn't attached to the other plant.


As it turns out it was another N. veitchii x eymae seedgrown plant...a stowaway surprise in my EP order. :)


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thats a real beauty of a stowaway! :D an your seedling is growing up nicely, has the growth rate gotten to a decent speed?
cool stowaway,your own seedlings are looking great ,nice growing
Thanks guys.

MylesG, the seedlings are growing at a nice rate now that i keep them in intermediate conditions versus the highland temps i was originally growing them in.

This newest pitcher is 5" tall and towers above the rest of the pitchers, but that may change soon, if the others have any say in it.

beautiful! congrats :D