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Stolon growth in aquatic Utricularia

A few days ago I was looking at some Utricularia australis I acquired in a recent trade and found that it was sprouting a new plantlet from a long stolon:


Here you can see the length of the stolons in relation to the plant:


I thought this was interesting because I have also seen this on Utricularia inflata and an unknown aquatic Utricularia:

Utricularia inflata (center of the pic)

unknown Utricularia (maybe macrorhiza?)

The stolons on the other species haven't really lengthened and none of them have made any offshoots. The "macrorhiza" spreads for me by making offshoots really close to the stem and not on the stolons while the inflata hasn't spread yet. The inflata had them when I got it but stopped making them until recently. I'm curious if anyone has seen this from their aquatic Utricularia.