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Stapelia cuttings from large parent 10yrs+old

I have a large specimen of stapelia hirsuta that is well over 10 years old. It is hard to know exactly how old it is because I acquired it from the city hall of a small rural town. The city hall got the plant from an older gentlemen, who is now deceased. They gave it to me (after he passed) because someone complained of the smell!!! :-D

I am offering cuttings of the plant to trade. I can trade numerous cuttings.
This is what I am looking for, but I am open to other plants.

S. Purpurea Spp. Heterophylla
D. "Fused Tooth"
D. "Red Piranha"
Nep cuttings from large parent plants 12"+ in diameter

I especially like Nepenthes reinwardtiana and mastersiana because of their graceful beauty
but that doesn't mean I wouldn't consider a nice ventricosa clone.

Here are some thumbnails of the plant, click to enlarge

These are what the blooms look like