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Square Ceramic Pot

I've been looking for square ceramic pots for a while and the ones I've come across don't have drainage holes or they're wholesale from out of the US. The best one I've come across are these:


They're exactly what I want. 6" pots with drainage but I'd have to shell out $30 for one. They're not in my price range. Has anyone come across similar pots for a more economical price somewhere?
Would drilling a hole in the bottom be an option? Light steady pressure and water cooling would probably making drilling an option. I'm not sure if the small hole would leach too many minerals into the soil
That's definitely an option for a pot without drainage but in the same style. Would have to see if i have the right bit or get one. Guessing putting a little layer of silicon over the exposed ceramic could possible prevent leaching.

Was just wondering if anyone knew of these style of pots were available cheaply anywhere with a drainage hole already.