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Spraying Neps with cold water...

My vivarium gets a tad warm in the hottest of summer days.
would it be a good idea to keep a spray bottle in the fridge and give them a good spray a couple of times a day? or would that be too much of a shock?
I would think that would be a shock depending on the temp flux. But in my GH I have misters that come on a couple times a day and during the winter the water is cold. I use it to cook the GH and the plants get wet from it. But I'm not sure of the temp flux I got and how much your talking about. Because I have an ac going too to cook the GH.
I'm guessing you meant cool and not cook, right?
anyways, my vivaruim gets to about 30c very fast during the day.
The neps can take it, but I'm not sure about the sphagnum nor if and when I get some Heli's in there...
just looking for easy and cheap ways to keep it cool. A/C is too expensive for me right now.
thanks for the help