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Splitting down the rhizome?


Greetings from the netherworld.
Hey all, I have a vft that I was planning to split down the rizome today. What should I use to cut it? Would a pocket knife do? Should I sterilize it with rubbing alcohol first? Is this even a good time to split it? I'm in Ohio and spring is still a week or two away. Thanks for all the help.
Is your plant already dividing?
I don't think so. I thought it was possible to take the rizome, split it down the middle and end up with two plants. Is this untrue?
I mean yes but you'll set your plants back dramatically
What about taking leaf pullings instead+
I've read a little about that. Doesn't seem too hard and I'd get more plants. Should I put the pullings in my windowsill, where my other vft's are in dormancy or should I put them under artificial lighting in somewhere warmer than my chilly windowsill?
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Normally I wait until there are multiple growth points and each growth point has a root system before dividing the rhizome/corm. Usually you can tear it apart with your fingers in the same manner as splitting celery. Otherwise you can use a sharp hobby knife, scalpel or single edge razor blade. Cleaning the blade with hot water and soap should be sufficient but if you are paranoid you could sterilize with Physan 20 or bleach.

If the plants are dormant pullings or cuttings are likely to be dormant too. With VFTs it looks like photo-period changes are more significant than temperature for dormancy.
I wouldn't do it. There are better options (in my opinion) if you want to get more plants. Since your plant should be coming out of dormancy you can use the flower stalk cutting method if your plant flowers. You can also try to get seeds (this will drain energy from the plant, but you get genetically unique plants). The last option is leaf pulling which is much safer than cutting the rhizome in half, especially since your plant is probably waking up (disturbing it now would probably result in a significant setback).
You can also try to get seeds (this will drain energy from the plant, but you get genetically unique plants).

It should be noted that if you are growing the plant correctly forming seed will do the plant no harm. They've been doing it for quite a while in nature.
I also vote no. I've never had to get a meat cleaver to punish my VFTs and split them up. If I can't wiggle it apart with my hands, I consider it a no-go. Just be patient.
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As it turns out, at least three of my four vft's are splitting naturally, I just re-potted less than an hour ago. One has done a full split and they both had their own root system, the other is in the process of splitting. I have one that I haven't got the chance to re-pot yet, but I see a little fly trap that looks like a split. Thanks for all your help.