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Spider living in my pitcher

Well, i think i can confirm he plans to become a permanent resident. He has been here for two days and I don't see a web. Hopefully, I'll see him again tomorrow.

I tried shaking him and he just won't leave, seems pretty determined. What's funny is he def knows where the water level is in the pitcher. He even climbed up as I tilted the pitcher to drown him. He climbed up a little, and then climbed back down.

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Hmm, can't be sure but looks like a jumping spider. Interesting. Wouldn't have expected one of those (assuming I'm correct) to set up shop there.
well...... as of now, who knows. I accidentally ruined his web the first time I saw him. I really hope he stays :)
Spiders like setting up shop by carnivorous plants. After all, spiders don't have a natural lure for their prey like CPs do, so they take notice of the extra bugs
Dragon, I think youre right. It definTely looks like a jumping spider. I wouldnt be surprised.
Jumping spiders hunt their prey or ambush. Living in a pitcher would be the perfect house for one.
I've got one in my sanguinae too. The pitchers would actually get more food than normal with a jumper than normal. Because the spider will leave the pitcher to hunt for food, it won't eat things that fall in normally. Then, when spider comes back from a hunt, he poops, and pitcher gets nitrogen from that.