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This has been a tough year for my outdoor plants. First of all, I ordered this batch of plants from Mike Wang, who grows them in CA outdoors where they experienced a short, mild Winter and an early Spring. When I got the plants in February, most of them had begun Spring growth already and many had flower stalks forming. That was a problem. We didn't start having consistent Spring-like weather until THIS month. We had an unusually long winter where daytime highs were in the low 60s (on good days) and night lows dipping down at or below 40 F as recently as late April. So the plants immediately got set back because they had to be put in my garage for about 6 weeks (to keep them from falling back into complete dormancy), and then moved from inside to outside a bunch until this Month. I lost a very large Sarracenia minor var okefenokeensis and 3 ADULT Sarracenia leucophylla Hurricane Creek White clones.

Most of the more resilient plants are just now starting to produce some healthy traps so I thought I'd share some photos of these tough plants surviving the outdoors in one of the most unpredictable places anyone could ever try to grow CPs.

Sarracenia flava var. rubricorpora
2014-05-22 10.46.38.jpg

2014-05-22 10.46.49.jpg

2014-05-22 10.48.29.jpg

Sarracenia flava var. rugelii
2014-05-22 10.47.30.jpg

Sarracenia flava var. ornata
2014-05-22 10.54.07.jpg

Sarracenia leucophylla Alabama
2014-05-22 10.47.20.jpg

Sarracenia minor var okefenokeensis
2014-05-22 10.48.57.jpg

2014-05-22 10.49.11.jpg

Sarracenia alata Perry Co. MS.
2014-05-22 10.49.32.jpg

Sarracenia montana
2014-05-22 10.50.50.jpg

2014-05-22 10.51.08.jpg

2014-05-22 10.51.19.jpg

Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea Caroline County, VA
2014-05-22 10.52.45.jpg

More to come in the next few days...........
Nice plants! Sorry to hear that you lost your Sarracenia minor var. okefenokeensis. Where do you live by the way?
Please keep in mind that these plants have seen a very limited amounts of direct sunlight up until about 2 - 3 weeks ago. The flava rubricorpora plants look like ornata because they've just not had a bunch of sunlight up until this point.
I had some stuff I got from other people get pretty singed with all the late frosts we got down here. The pitchers on most of my plants kept getting frozen back and I was afraid they would exhaust their rhizomes trying to repeatedly grow back. Then came 60mph wind gusts and broke 30% of my flowers off and snapped many, many pitchers clean off... it's been crazy and I greatly sympathize with you about the weather.
Ok, that explains the difference in climate, although I thought it was farther north given the harsh winter.

This last Winter was pretty extreme. It's usually our Summers that are bad, with temps exceeding 100 F frequently. However, this last year has been a strange one where weather is concerned.
Then came 60mph wind gusts and broke 30% of my flowers off and snapped many, many pitchers clean off... it's been crazy and I greatly sympathize with you about the weather.

It's been unusually windy here this year as well. I've had to stake up a bunch of pitchers already, as the wind has had many of them laying flat on the ground.
Beautiful plants! I had the same issue with temps and ordering plants this year. Took forever for everything to awaken.