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Some assorted seeds, peppers, etc.

From the raised bed garden I share with a neighbor, here are some pepper and other seeds if anyone is interested.
The larger pods are ghosts, and rather than take them apart, I figured
I would mail out four pods. They have been averaging about 22 seeds per pod. Here is a ghost shriveled up and showing the seeds.
They have a great flavor, you just have to use them sparingly, unless you like pain.
These are from a neighbor, said to be a Bulgarian pepper, about twice the size of a chili petin. Hotish, the flesh tends to liquify if kept too long.
These were given to me and called rattlesnake bean I think. Lavender flowers look like peas, the plant looks like a runner bean.
From a plant I got at a garage sale, cotton bols from this year. Not too exciting if you are from a farming area, but if not they are actually pretty attractive plants.
From a neighbors plot, purple basil I have some seed stalks.

This was in a local nursery, dunno what it is...something decorative the fruits look like mini-pumpkins.
The seeds look like pepper seeds.
If any of these strike your fancy, shoot me an email. gnixon@satx.rr.com. First come, first served. Ciao!
I would be interested in the cotton, purple basil and decorative pumpkins. :) I'm interested in the ghost, but scared.
Sent you an email. Thanks!
are any of the ghost chilies still available, i would love to grow those! Im working on getting some butch t scorpions too, i could have the hottest garden in the world lol
I would be intrested in some of the ghost pepper seeds. I bought some seeds last year and they turned out to be lemon habanero seeds. I have been growing habaneros for around 10 years so when I got ten more of them i was a little disappointed. Thank you, John
ya call ghost peppers hot ? they not hot at all ........ try a naga morich thatl nock ya socks off ( didnt work for me i like heat ) or mabe some mad dog 357 5,000,000 scoville or even some Blairs itll almost kill ya hehehe

NBLD dont be scared they arnt very hot ive eaten peppers much hotter than one and im livin
Make sure its legal to grow freely grow cotton in your state.

I need a license to over here in Georgia.
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Anything to do with Monsanto and Frankencrops? Just curious.
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got the seeds, thank you
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I have one more pod that could go out, and possibly some seeds for SASE when I get thru drying a couple of pods.