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Small update

Hey guys, thought I might post a couple neps that look half way decent.

N. burbidgeae, thanks Nepenthes hope your still around.


N.sibuyanensis, kinda looks like N tenuis??

N.spectablis x ventricosa

N. x black dragon

N. x red dragon. Thx xvart, its doing really well.

N.fusca 'sarawak'

N.sanguinea 'orange'

Thanks for lookin

Great stuff, Jay. Your N.sibuyanensis looks especially nice. Glad the N. Red Dragon is doing well. Despite my initial feelings, it does become an impressive plant as it mature. Keep us posted.

Looking great! They all have nice looking peristomes!
I think that sibuyanensis look a bit like a tenuis too.
Heya Jayson :). That Burbidgeae is looking awesome! I'm glad it is doing well for you. I haven't been on in a long time because I've been super busy with work and building a greenhouse. I actually just finished the greenhouse and will be posting a few pictures soon. I'm really excited, and hopefully I can find the time to be more active on here, but work has been taking a lot of time lately. Well, keep us posted on your success! BTW that black dragon is doing great for me outside and is one of the few neps I still have at my house (my greenhouse is at my parents' house). Thanks again, and take care :).
Nice, i love the Burb. its a very beautiful plant.
Thanks guys, nepenthes glad to hear about your greenhouse I cant wait to see pics!! Glad the black dragon is doin good. Will keep you guys updated, plus I got sum helis coming in sometime early this week.
Very nice Jay! I especially like the N. burbidgeae and N.sibuyanensis. I'm tempted to give both a try in my lowlandish conditions, though I have a feeling the burbidgeae probably won't let me pull it off lol. Thanks for sharing!