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Small Bromeliad species for Tarantula enclosure??

Does anyone have any information on small (as small as it can get preferably) that would be suitable for a tarantula enclosure?
I was looking at a few ideas, such as; Aechmea pineliana var. minuta or other small Aechmea sp.
Does anyone have any suggestions for live plants that are small are can be tamed to stay under 10 inches that would be okay for a tarantula enclosure?
The arboreal tank dimensions are 7" width x 7" long x 15" high. Humidity is between 70-80% with a temperature at about 70-80, and something with low light requirements would be nice, or a plant that will grow with the UV bulbs that are invisible to tarantulas.
Any information would be wonderful!

Cryptanthus earth stars come in many varieties and stay pretty small. My 'Pink Starlite' went from about 4" to 6" across in two years. It grows in very low light, but gets pinker the more light I give it.
Thank you I will have to look into finding one! Thanks a lot!
What do you consider "low light"? Sitting on a shelf with only whatever ambient room light is present? If yes, your biggest issue will be the plant(s) doing well long term under those conditions. Now if don't mind replacing the plants with some regularity, there are many options. If you don't mind fake plants, your options increase also. (And there are some very good fake plants out there. Check out craft stores like Michaels.)

Did you have an actual light source in mind? Forget the UV bulbs. Some decent LED bulbs would be useful -- provided you found some with a decent spectrum and lumen output as you would have better odds of keeping the plant(s) healthy without overheating the enclosure.

Selaginella can do well in moist, lower light conditions although they can get unruly.