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slowing down here looks like....

just wondering whats going on, does it get slower here during the colder months?

I think that things are flowing along...

I do know that during the summer, when everyone has free time, there are tons of posts.

When people go back to school, it will slow a bit, but I always have something to keep it going!!
I noticed when i registered here, there were a ton of posts, lol, i was just sittin here goin, "now I know all the questions havent been answered yet! lol!" i see it slowing down, not stopping, just slowing, i figured there had to be a reason, didnt think about peeps and school, hehe!

i might have contributed to that.
haven't been here for a couple of months now.

but my sarra's flowering now so i'm back
I go dorment for the winter, lol. Attually, I've started to post questions and stuff more in the subgroup bords. You'll see a lot from me in VFT because I am fairly experienced, but still lacking in one area... multipull plants. It's hard to judge if my OWN plant is off because I have no others to compare it againced. One thing is for sure though, it's awake and happy! The leaf it started one week ago is now HUGE! I mean this thing rivals a giant breed, except my plant isn't one. I guess the feeding did the trick lol!
we slow down every year, usually after dormancy... IIRC last year there was a huge influx of posts in fall, people wanting to know dormancy stuff... then dormancy... and poof... the place is nice and calm for months...
I'm a little slow (posting not mentally slow - Thank you ;-]=) in the fall and winter due to all my activities. This is my favorite time of the year. Hunting season is open along with fishing season. As I will be going to Iowa and Oregon for some of my hunting trips this year too and possible Canada for grouse
. I will be around do not get me wrong but "what the hey" mine as well tell ya'll now
. I love fall!!!

For me this is the time of year I have to deal with getting the plants back indoors for the winter months. Trying to arrange space for 500+ pots is always a real time consumer. I am about 1/3 done and need to really keep at it: we're down to 38F here tonight and the bromelliads and orchids have no staging to go on yet, everything has to come up from the cellar, the pygmy sundews are going to be making gemmae soon....but I'll be by when I can.
hey jaie you should have like a 2 for 1 sale so you can get peopls attention more

and throw in free bamboo sticks, or have a blow out sale and sell most of the stuff for a buck like mcdonalds .99 menu ;P

im j/k

havnt tlaked to you sicne beginning of summer, i wanted to reply
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Wup up Stefano

I hopefully have things better than a 2 for 1 sale coming

the .99 menu right now consist of VFT bulbs, your pic!

There are many new ideas and plants coming, some carnivorous, some not!

I am very excited and things haven't been slow for me, we have just been putting the last touches on some things before it goes live!!!
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I too went dormant for the ???Summer??? ! Oh well... I'm (somewhat) back now can't wait to see what's coming up. I realllllly want one of those Judith Hindles and...

- nrbelex
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Hi all

Well I'm kinda glad to see I'm not the only one who's been a bit absent. Let me hastily add, not from lack of interest. Been doing waaaay too much spending money on "old things" and then having to get them cleaned up to be useable and hopefully some to sell. And also selling on eBay AND doing photos for a friend so she can sell also. So most of my online time has been going to that. I need the moola! (So I can buy more old stuff...hehe)
Actually I'm trying to earn the money for a new camera. And like Tamlin, I have a mess o' plants that need to be moved inside and put under lights. There isn't the time to do it all. BUT I got to spend 4 days broiling in the sun in Corolla, NC. I look like a boiled lobster.
It was beautiful and soooo fun! It was hard to believe its October and sooo warm.

I have missed all the folks on the forums and hopefully I can get back in the swing of things.

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i really really want winter to start  

its been 90+ the past week with no rain whatsoever

it sucks, and thus, no ocean currents, and no rain

tropical depression kyle just exited the east coast and died. didnt do anything here, a new ones coming, t.d. marco

looks like its comin for east coast of so. fla, so should be rain and good wave currents