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Size of a dew drop

How big do dew drops get on rainbow plants, drosophyllem or sundews? Just curious.
I don't really know... My biggest dew drops are like 1 maybe 1.5 mm if I'm lucky. I think they don't get mutch bigger though..

Greetings & happy growing,

Well, that seems pretty big to me! (on your plants)
What conditions are yours in?
Okay, can anyone else with a ton of dew tell me their growing conditions?
I cant speak for Drosophyllum which I do not grow. Dew on sundews is not dew. It is mucilage. The drops will normally not dry off a healthy plant that gets around 40% humidity even if the humidity drops still further(although there are exceptions). The largest factor affecting dew production in my estimation is light. These plants require as much light as cacti for typical growth, form and color. I have had plants in nearly dry mediums with dew present.

To learn more about general sundew cultivation from my perspective, please check out this post which I have just topped off.

By "dry mediums" do you mean dry sphagnum, or peat, etc, or not much humidity around the plant?