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Show us your glandulifera hybrids!


This thread is inspired firstly by my undying love for N. glandulifera and its kin, but also by the aristolochioides hybrid thread and the success it has had.

I have grown three N. glandulifera hybrids so far and I gotta say I have liked all of them a lot. N. glandulifera seems to consistently give its offspring a decent amount of hair all over the leaves and always the ubiquitous glands covering the whole plant.

So here are a few I have grown, but I would love to see anyone and everyone's glandulifera hybrids they have ever grown.

N. glandulifera x boschiana

N. ventricosa x glandulifera

N. talangensis x glandulifera

The peristome looks just like a worm to me, especially on the Nepenthes ventricosa x glandulifera. Very interesting.
Really nice! I like them all, great growing Dexenthes
Any updates on N. gland x ephippiata? this was EP's pic


There's also this thread

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Loving this plant! N. talangensis x glandulifera

Do you mind sharing your growing conditions for your glandulifera x boschiana. I have one but the pitchers are tiny about half an inch and is growing extremely slow. I like this plant to much for it not to be growing to its potential.
I had my plant inside of a terrarium and I grew it like all my other highland Nepenthes. It was in a substrate of pure LFS and it had temperatures between 80 and 55 degrees day and night respectively. I tried to keep the humidity around 80-100%. It grew very steadily in this environment.

I hope this helps.
Thank you. My glandulifera x boschiana is actually doing well. It seems to be a fairly easy Nep to grow. I was thinking of my gracillima which actually might be a ramispina. If I knew how to post pictures here I'd share some.
Here's my glandulifera x ephippiata. I really love this hybrid, and I have high hopes for it ;) I'm an IDIOT and I ripped off the pitcher's lid with my camera :censor: !! I'm super bummed out, but luckily there's another (hopefully) larger pitcher on the way. This one was certainly quite a significant jump in size from the last one:

Here's the new pitcher with some snails on it (these soon became lunch)

Here's the previous (much smaller) pitcher. You can see how the peristome and the pitcher body darken significantly. I really wish I had bought a few more individuals of this cross from Tony when I had the chance :(

I also have a pretty big pitcher of maxima x glandulifera that should open up in the next day or two as well. I'll keep y'all posted with this pitcher as well, although it will be lidless :mad:
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Here are a couple pitchers from my glandulifera x boschiana. I've had this plant for a couple years now and finally found an environment it seems to like. I've struggled a bit with my Nepenthes. Keeping humidity up and decent temperatures has been a problem but its been in this setup for a year now and is producing nice pitchers for me.

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Nice plants guys! N. glandulifera x ephippiata is just nutty!!

I am really happy about the clone that I selected of this plant. The striping does not completely fade with age.

N. talangensis x glandulifera

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Here's a very maxima looking maxima x glandulifera. It's colored up a lot since this photo and has taken on some really nice dark coloration:
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Looks like there is an uncharacteristic lack of glands on the spectabilis cross?

N. talangtensis x glandulifera