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Short, but wide plant containers?

I am looking for a circular or square planter that is something like 12'x12'' wide by 4-6'' in height. I would think something like this exists or there may be a specific name for these type of containers.
dog dishes. Livestock water dishes.
Search Deluxe Plastic Bog Pot it's 11 inches wide and 5 deep
Kitty litter trays?
Thanks for the input everyone! I am not sure what I will buy yet, but those were some good suggestions. A kitty litter tray may work great as a cheap propagation planter, but I would not openly display one in a living room. :p
Glazed ceramic bowls would look nice, but the ones I've seen tend to be pricey.
The closest thing I can think of pot-wise are "azalea pots" but most of those are 3/4 as tall as they are wide.

Keep your eyes open cruising garage sales, thrift stores, and craft stores and you might get lucky. There are often inexpensive to downright cheap bowls/containers that can be repurposed as pots. How easily depends on the size one is looking for (which would be the bigger challenge in your case, I suspect) as well as whether one requires drainage holes (drilling through ceramic is doable but not necessarily easy).

While the dimensions on these are way off for what you're seeking, they can give you an idea of the possibilities:
-- bowl for nuts or chips: $0.50

-- decorative bowl: $1

-- bonsai pot from the "Rack of the Dead & Dying" at Lowes: $0.50

Now this last one would come close to your desired dimensions. Found it on the clearance rack at a craft store I walked into seeking candle supplies. Had a largish chip along the rim (which I think I did a pretty decent job of covering up) so got it for $2-3.

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