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Shiftyfrank's Photos

Nice. So you know, if you use the bottom link marked "IMG" in photobucket, it implants the image into the post instead of just a link.
That's cool but I'm on a phone so I don't have the normal photobucket options. Best I can do is copy the image url
I see, when I put up photos, I usually take the photo and immediately put it on terraforums with my laptop. Oddly enough, that's really the only time I use terraforums on my laptop.
Cool to see a couple getting into the hobby together. VFT and Capensis is a pretty standard start for most people. You'll be hooked before you know it. :p
Haha- it all started as a joke when our apartment was buzzing with flies like a month ago. Then we started looking into it, got our first VFT about two weeks ago and now we have three species and an insatiable gluttony for moss and clean water :p addiction isn't the right word, but its the first word that comes to mind
Sarracenia cultivars are quite plentiful as well...
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Once you get into Nepenthes you're done for.....:devil:

@ ShiftyFrank: Don't listen to him. Plenty of well-adjusted carnivorous-plant owners don't give a rat's *** about Nepenthes. *eye twitches*
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@ ShiftyFrank: Don't listen to him. Plenty of well-adjusted carnivorous-plant owners don't give a rat's *** about Nepenthes. *eye twitches*

Name one, I dare you.
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Well, since you've brought it up, what kind of nepenthes would you recommend for a beginner?
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Ventrata, miranda, and bloody mary are all beginner friendly
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The commonly-available Nepenthes are all good starters - N. x ventrata (almost always labeled as N. alata,) N. 'Miranda', N. "Rebecca Soper", N. sanguinea "orange", and N. "Bloody Mary" / "Lady Luck" (I'm not sure why this cultivar has two different names.)
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Don't forget n. ventricosa and n. maxima.
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Most hybrid Nepenthes are fairly good beginner's plants (quick note though, 'Rebecca Soper' is a registered cultivar, with single quotes, "Bloody Mary"/"Lady Luck" is not, etc.); some not mentioned include x splendiana aka 'Splendid Diana', basically any ventricosa hybrid, ampullaria (if you can find one), and others....
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I do not see Rebecca Soper on the ICPS registered cultivar list.
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Odd; I could have sworn I'd seen the description....well, never mind then, I can't find it again either.
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Our CP's all seem healthy, and happy. Wish we had been getting more sun this last week or so, but here's some photos.

Sarracenia purpurea:

Drosera capensis:

Dionaea muscipula:

Growth has slowed a little bit lately on all but the purp, but that's to be expected since a few days after being repotted we have fed them all. I'm not seeing anything that looks like mold or pests yet.
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