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SG Ventricosa basal

So I like this plant, but seeing as it's a basal from my bigger mamma (or pappa I guess) plant, and I'm running out of room, I'll post it here for trade.
Pitchers are nicely sized and colorful. Drools excessively. Has been growing on my windowsill since it's existence haha. W/e you guys know how to grow a ventricosa.



For both out benefits, I'd like to ship this unpotted (I used like 80% bark and 20% lfs cuz I didn't know what I was doing). That way you can pot it in a better mix. But I can ship potted too if you insist.
I'd like to see if I can get some other small beginner nep (Judith Finn maybe?)
Or maybe a single tiny pygmy dew if it's been adapted to full sun.
Thanks for viewing!
Got any pics of the mature pitchers from the parent plant?
Nothing recently but I can update this weekend when I get to see it. (It lives in SF for now haha)
Basically they look the same as these but a bit bigger.
For everyone interested, here are a few pics of the mother plant.




i would love it I have a nice d. cape broadleaf, and or Drosera adelae, or some pings, or a small Drosera filiformis it might be a Florida giant pm me