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Several ? about peat and moss

Hello All,

I read a previous post that talked about peat tea water (peat wrapped in cloth and steeped in water) put into the pots of CPs. Is that a good practice? How is it beneficial/harmful? Is it ever possible for the "soil" to become too acidic?

I also read somewhere that it's good to place a thin layer of sphagnum moss over the peat soil. What is better, live or dried moss? If dried moss is used will it ever decay there by affecting a CP in a negative way?

Thank you for reading this, I would appreciate any and all answers to my question. Traphole8)
welcome to the forums!

some members use "peat tea" as a way to help their plants if/when thay aren't doing to well. i have never tired it, personally, but others say that it works well.
as for the soil becoming too acidic, i just don't know, and am curious myself!

i like to place a thin layer of milled sphagnum on top of the soil. sphagnum peat, either long fibered or milled, usually will come back to life in time, giving you live, long fibered sphagnum moss!

hope that helps!