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Seeking new or used transferable copy of Windows 7 Home Premium or Pro 64 bit help!

I am about to have a new computer put together and and trying to find a low (or no) cost copy of Win 7. It is unavailable in the retail stores, and in the online venues only as an OEM version for mucho dollars. Or if not OEM, twice the price. I don't want 8. Might anyone out there have an unwanted/unused copy to trade for plants or stuff? I have several Utrics, some aquarium power filters and filters, some car speakers, a bit of this, a bit of that. Can you help a brother out??
I have a copy but it's a family 3 pack that shares the same number... so it worries me to hand that out as I know some people out there like to instal on multiple machines with the same number.... But I did get this deal in my email today. :) It is OEM- but on sale. I always buy OEM versions.... Not sure what you have against it ???
Hope it can help you out. :) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...1613-Index-_-OperatingSystems-_-32116986-L01A