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Seeking biclarata

Hi all,

I saw a picture of a nepenthes biclarata where the lid of the pitcher looks like it has fangs! I thought this was really! cool so I decided I needed to find one. Does anyone know where I can find a nepenthes biclarata because it looks so cool with fang type things on the lid of the pitcher.

THanks all,
        I think Cook's Carnivorous Plants has some Bicarlata, you must make sure they have the right humidity, temps, and water to care for the plant though.

I was in the Exotic Gardens green house a couple of weeks ago and know that I saw several Bicalarata.

I don't know if they are for sale yet, or if they have been sold, but your best bet is to e-mail phil, and he will let you know.
The really cool thing about bicalcarata is that sometimes nectar drips from the spures! (fangs) and it looks like venom
Didn't they say bicalarata would be on sale soon in the Exotic Garden announcements forum
Nepenthes bicalcarata is among my favorites of Neps! The latest pitcher on my own plant which opened is the size of a softball with 1 cm fangs and the plant is only 30" across (can be up to 72" across). This is one plant that will really get huge on you so you will need to prepare, mine went from 6-8" across to 30" across since I got it in June.

Heat & humidity are highly important with this guy if you want to maintain rapid growth and that dripping nectar and big pitchers requires bright light. I get a full leaf every two weeks with a fully opened and hungry pitcher every 3-4 weeks.

A fun plant and easy if you respect it's requirements.

good luck!
Here's my N. bicalcarata x ? dripping with "venom"

wow! is that a lowland or highland biclal? and is it a upper pitcher or lower pitcher?
Spec, it is most likely a lowland bical that got accidentally pollinated by some other mystery nep. Its a lower pitcher. Pretty neat, doesn't have the squat shape of a regular bical, these guys are much more elongated
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Are you sure it's a hybrid larry? The fangs are pretty pronouced. Fangs are one of those traits that aren't carried very well, arent they? Unlike the ampullaria lid...
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Bicalarata has very strong traits, when it comes to hybrids. From what I've seen, they usualy retain a very similar shape, and sometimes have fangs, some more pronounced than others.
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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (nepenthes gracilis @ Dec. 02 2002,3:44)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">A highland Bical?  
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yeah, I remember reading about it. forgot where it was, though.
I think they were even selling them!
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I have never heard of a highlands bicalarata...

I can tell you I have one that developed (at a reasonably young age 10 " across) a really neat looking pitcher...

IT started off green, faded a little to a more golden hue... then over the next few weeks the peristome blushed, then turned red, then proceeded slowly into a dark purple.. the peristome and teeth were incredibly dark, darker than my ven X max pitchers red spots... then, after about a month and a half, that red turned brown and the pitcher started dieing..

it is the only one that has done this so far. I am waiting to see if the new pitchers will develop this charachteristic... which I have not seen in bicals before, though I by no means think I have a 'super special one'. If I do, then a lot of you do to! Since it's a clone from petflytrap stock!
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go to www.dangeroudplants.com and they'll have them for sale . they are very big and cheap from that place . they are kinda very easy to care for if they have the right conditions , i'd even say they look more ferocious then hamata