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Seeds for Swap/Giveaway: N. rafflesiana x viking

I harvested some N. rafflesiana x mirabilis globosa seeds 3 weeks ago.
I sowed some immediately and seeing germination today. They are fertile.

Some of you may have seen the same offer in other forums. After packed a mailed, I still have 2 packets left, 50 seeds each.
I can give out in this forum.

Qualified members must satisfy join date earlier than 30 Sept'12.

Please reply with your ID, or PM me if you like to get 1 packet. Don't send me your address yet until I request for it after offer closed.

I prefer to exchange for other nepenthes species seeds. Not favoring hybrids at the moment. Have a lot already...:) As long as you think you are able to send me seeds within 1 year, I am ok with the exchange. Will prioritize the seeds for you. If there is nothing you could offer, I'll sort based on post count in this forum.

Closing 21 Dec'12.

Enjoy growing!