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seedling appreciation thread

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just post pic,age,and species!
Pygmy Drosera from gemmae...


I have roughly 1000 Nepenthes seeds in germination right now. I promise to post pics here when the pop up. :)
i just got a bunch of what i believe is d. rotundifolia in my death cube i planted(it was like $3)
if it was a death cube, chances are the Drosera in there was a D. capensis, and the seedlings likely are too... Other than D. adelae, I have only ever seen D. capensis in stores commonly...
yes your right there was a capensis, but the sprouts might have been adelae, they were about 1/10'' across with 3 leaves
adelae does not seed unless two different clones are crossed, there is the potential of roots sprouting plantlets but i highly doubt it... i am pretty sure it is capensis seedlings, they are weeds and self seed...
Aww, too cute when they're so tiny, love the Pygmy Drosera.

Here's some Nepenthes ventricosa, only about 4 months old.

Longifolia. 8 months old.

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Wow tzestan! What are you feeding those things!
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My attenboroughii seeds are starting to germinate so maybe a pic in a few weeks
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This little one was growing in a hole on the side of my pot.
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Great eyeryone but for me I'm waiting for my seeds from whim grinder to germinate which were sown on the 31st of april
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There is no 31st of April :p Maybe you mean the 30th? Good luck with the germination though.
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awww i love the lil ant plants :) where did you get the seed?
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Nice babies! Is it true ant plants germinate in 24 hours?
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Nice babies! Is it true ant plants germinate in 24 hours?

It's true. I have a photo of seeds I sowed from DISCHIDIA PECTINOIDES Ant Plant.

48 hours...

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