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Sarracenia Leucophylla Question


Hi! Im Quinton, and I'm addicted to CPs....
A couple months ago I ordered a bareroot sarracenia leucophylla and planted it right away in my inground bog garden and top watered it everyday. Like I said, its been a couple months and it is doing absolutely nothing...no new shoots growing or starting to grow at all. I have read before that they can be know to get shocked easily.
So I was wondering if anyone had any input about my situation and if there is anything i could do.
Thanks!! :)

The bog
Sarracenia Leucophylla (look exactly the same as when i recieved it two months ago)
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There has been absolutely no new growth since you go it? Did it come with some green foliage? If so how does that look? Also, have you tried using your fingers to gently check that the rhizome hasn't turned to mush (brown and rotted away)?
If I were you, I'd contact the seller and inquire about their warranty/replacement policy. Through no fault of either theirs nor yours, sometimes dormant rhizomes fail to grow. It just happens, However, the merchant should be willing to warrant the plant to some degree. Ask.
joossa, when i recieved it, it had a few pitchers that were turning brown which i cut back, with lots of new ones starting to grow. when i planted it the new growth stopped growing and turned green, they are about 2 inches tall.
I checked the rhizome and it didnt seem to be mushy and the base of the growing points are all white still.
what did you plant it in (soil mix) does it get plenty of sun
MICKEY, I planted it in a 50/50 peat perlite mix and it gets around 6 and a half hours of direct sunlight, hoping to give it more soon.
Could you give us a pic of the plant and the bog that it's growing in? If the plant was healthy upon arrival, it could be an issue on your side. Since there was new growth appearing when you received it, than it shouldn't be an issue with awakening from dormancy.
Some plants (or new divisions) do poorly the growing season immediately after they are fully transplanted or divided, even though they still live onto the next season and do remarkably well. Some plants are just more touchy than others. Also, leucos are in their prime in the fall. Maybe the plant's growth was messed up a bit due to the shipping and acclimating to your conditions, but will kick back up this fall? If the rhizome is healthy and you are providing proper conditions (no pests either), then I say give it time.

Good luck!
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Thanks joossa