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Sand for My Cephalotus

I went by my pool supply shop and got a bag of filter sand and was wondering if it would suffice for a top layer on cephalotus media. Here is the soil in the process of being washed:



Does the sand look like it will be a proper grit and how would I be able to properly wash the sand......
I wonder if you can use the same method for gold panning to wash sand...
I use coarse filter sand and just rinse it thoroughly with clean (RO) water before use. Its just sand (crushed Quartz) so its unable to capture unwanted dissolved minerals; a washing with clean water will suffice.
Alright I basically panned it by adding water and letting drain but now am letting it dry before applying it to the surface of the soil. It was listed on the bag as filter sand and as silica sand product.
Didn't wait till it completely dried but have went ahead and applied it to the surface of the Cephalotus. Have always had a problem with mold and hope this finally fixed the problem.