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S. Smurf

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RCl27. That's definely a funky smurf... Even as smurfs go. Mine just does the more conicle shaped pitchers and grew quiet decently this year. I collected some selfed seed and some x flava seed from the 6 petaled flowers.... hopefully they germinate after their vacation in the fridge. The seeds seemed very small though.

Corey... What's the problem with yellow jacket? It's not a funky mutant like smurf. I got one direct from D crump years back.... It is vigorous... And pretty much looks almost like a af purp.... Just more upright.
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Don't get me won't, I wouldn't mind having one. Just saying, it's not exactly a plant one would keep for is beauty. ;) Novelty appeal, no?
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How couldn't you like this guy? unless you wear a black moomoo and have a cat that follows you around everywhere...

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The double, symmetrical, open at the top rolls are my favorite. Like the one on the right in my picture or the one on the left in Nevermore's bottom photo. It reminds me of some kind of crazy dinosaur horn or mouth. Here's an older picture of the type I am referring too.