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S. purpurea seed pod


So, I tried to propagate this S. purpurea (last year ) to produce seeds and the seed pod formed and now is dark brown and has been for a very long time, I guess I was thinking eventually it would start to open up and then I would gather the seeds, but it never has started to crack open.

What are the steps I take with the seed pod??
Will there be seeds inside?

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Not all pods will open on their own. As to finding out if there are seeds, only one way to know - crack it open.

I'm not sure what the viability of the seeds will be, but I would plant them and find out.
The flower stalked looks dried out so that's probably as dry as it is going to get. The only way to tell if there are seeds or not is to crack it open.
Okay, cool.

So in the future, once the flower stalk has dried out, I crack it open if it doesn't on it's own?
I'll try cracking this pod open in the morning when my lights are back on.
Pretty much so. Is that flower from last year? If so, it is highly unlikely any of the seed is still viable. Ideally I try to cut off the pods before they begin to split open and let them dry out for several days before cracking them. It's just a matter of looking at the pods and judging how "ripe" they are from the color.