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S.Purpurea pitcher's small.

I have a purple pitcher plant in full sun, small tray of water and 3x3x4 inch pot. After it got here, most of the pitchers where dead so I cut it back save one. It put out two new ones since I had it, but they are only half the size of the old one and are green rather than red. Should it be repotted, put in more light, or what?
Also, I want to put it in a bog garden with some common sundews and a few other ground pitchers. Would using live LFS as a covering be a good idea, or just peat and perlite all the way through?
It's not uncommon for new pitchers to be green until they develop some anthocyanin from sun exposure. In general, S. purpurea can take as much sunlight as you can give it. If you have a way to give it more sun, by all means. It should color up nicely.

It may also depend on which subspecies you have. Some develop more color than others. If you don't know which subspecies you have, it's going to be a lucky guess, lol.

I have mine in a bog with some other Sarrs, started sundews, and some VFT.
I'll see if I can get pics, but its raining too much right now. the pitcher it had when I got it is about 2.5 inches tall and dark purple, so that's what I'm expecting the other ones to grow into later.
How long have you had the plant, and where did you get it?
Had it about a month, and isn't there some rule about posting vendors here?
I'm not looking for Vendor info. I'm trying to think about what environmental factors from previous owner/vendor may be impacting it's growth. If it came from somewhere warmer and/or sunnier than where you live, it'll probably be a slow grower initially until it is adapted to your climate. That sounds like the case.
Putting it in a bog and outside is a good idea, the colour will soon return, but be careful to aclimate it slowly to full sun or you will burn your only pitcher. The 2.5" pitchers it had when you got it must mean it is a juvenile plant, they will grow larger than that.
The sphagnum moss on top of a bog is one of those personal preferences, if your drosera are small and the sphagnum likes the conditions it will grow quickly and can overwhelm them and indeed by the sound of it your purp too, so I would just go with your normal mix. You will find that it usually starts growing on its own anyway.