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Roridula photos

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Hi all,

I bought some Roridula seeds last year which were labelled R. dentata. I treated them with smoke primer for 24 hours and put the seeds in peat pots with a mix of peat moss and silica sand.
To my surprise 5 seeds germinated and little Roridula's started to grow standing on my glass table outside on my porch.

It's been about a year since germination and I believe they are actually R. gorgonias and not dentata. Needless to say, they are stunning!

Here are some photos:

Tiny Roridula in peat pots.

Planted them into their final pots. The tiny plants look strange in the large pots.

They grow up so fast.

Beautiful flowers.


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Your plants are beautiful indeed.
Yep that is R. gorgonias you have there. R. dentata is unfortunately more difficult to get ahold of, more difficult to germinate, AND more difficult to grow, even though they're far more abundant in the wild.
Very nice plants there. They're beautiful in any case.
Thanks all.

Organic fly catcher.
I've noticed that on my plants too - flies seem prone to hanging from their legs off the leaves.