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RO and some neem oil? for scales and other bugs

Suspect there might still be some snow scale eggs in on of my nepenthes soil can I just spray all my plants or just neighboring plants soil with some neem oil and RO water mixed? I would rather go the natural way with neem. Thanks for answers!

heres a video of my tank the lots of snow scales were on my n robcantleyi I already alcohol wiped him down! but want to do an easy egg or more bugs control

heres a video of my setup



Isolate everything, completely sterilize the tank, spray the plants with a systemic and treat with neem, repot the plants and throw away the current media. Repeat in a month when systemic wears off.

Sounds drastic, but you just bought a $500 plant.
Thanks what can I do in the meantime while I save up money Im in the middle of a move and my budget is going to be wiped from that. What can I do without moving and isolating and repotting for the meantime I prob will not be able to do that for another month or two. I have orchid bark All I need is LFS. Also i have some very small baby plants that I don't think would be safe to repot just yet including the edwardsiana just put him in the tank yesterday. Advice appreciated. IF i need to I can afford in a week to repot everything with JUST LFS and orchid bark. A systemic can be rubbing alcohol right?
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Can I just take all plants out and clean inside of tank with rubbing alcohol and rinse very well the then place plants back in and spray it with some neem and RO water mixed and pray?

I can replace the nep rob and some of its neighboring plants but not all of right now is that ok?

plus how much neem water would hurt my plants and can some get into pitchers
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would a dry ice treatment work? I have heard great success stories. you seal the tank completely and put a block of dry ice in as is sublimes it suffocates everything but the plants with CO2
so It wouldn't kill or hurt the plants right?
mato is right: you just acquired a plant you paid an outrageous sum for, so you shouldn't hesitate to bring out the big guns. Where scale is concerned, you hesitate, you lose. :-(
bayer 3 in 1 sprayed in my terrarium and moss

damon from CC said that would do the trick for scales no having to repot etc
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Did you spray it on the plants themselves? Be kind of cautious with that stuff, it contains Imidacloprid which some CPs can handle ok and others become very stressed. Not sure if I have tried it on nepenthes but I have had some Droseras die from it.
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thanks utricularia its just going on some neps and maybe some helis very light spray!
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thanks utricularia its just going on some neps and maybe some helis very light spray!

If you don't mind sharing your results, I would be very interesting in hearing your results and methods. I am preparing a database of treatments and which are safe/effective for which species on my website.