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Research paper on drosophyllum - 5 min at 100 celcius improves germination

Just came across a research paper on germination of drosophyllum. Apparently 5 minutes at 100 degrees celcius (yes, I double checked it wasn't farenheit) improves germination, while plant leachates inhibit it without reducing viability. While it is in agreement with what we have seen, reading 5 MINUTES at boiling point of water is sobering. This files under "lightly cooked" :0o:


Am I not lucky that I found this just as [MENTION=3500]jeff 2[/MENTION] offered to send me some seeds.... :banana2:
Interesting. It makes sense that there would be some germination inhibiting proteins that respond to heat. Although it doesn't get to 100C I imagine the summers in Portugal are still pretty hot
One important thing to note is that while it sped up germination, it also reduced overall seed viability. One population was affected significantly more than the other though, which is interesting.

here 3 method to break the dormancy of seeds that have a fairly hard envelope
- GA3
- emeri paper
- cutter

sometimes seeds can sprout without doing anything
in fact what is needed is to create a weak point in this shell
I am a little surprised by this document in Portugal or in Spain there are no bushfires as in Australia or Africa.
see here 'in situ' http://pinguicula.free.fr/drosophyllum1/
see here the SLACK method for the SOWING http://pinguicula.free.fr/slack.jpegbut there are simpler methods

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